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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! 

It is already this time of the year! 2017 has been one memorable year for us at Kadlec Studio. It is the year we officially launched 'Kadlec Studio' and had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people :) 

Read a lot of books, went to many events, learnt the importance of SNS and started to see where we want to head in the future. So much had happened in one year. I can't believe Joshua and I used to work at different offices last year around this time...

We both are so thankful for everybody and everything that happened this year.

Our this year's Christmas Card is a Shiva dog Santa :) 2018 is a year of the dog (in Japan.. or in Asia). We DIY screen-printed it at our home. For it being DIY I think it came out pretty well. Thought would love to find a real screen print studio next year...
We have hidden 2018 in the image, enjoy spotting it :) 

Have a wonderful Winter Holiday!

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Joshua & Marin Kadlec


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