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Kadlec Studio has worked with clients from all over the world on numerous projects. The projects vary from Logo, Brand Identity, Packaging, Illustration, etc. Here is the summary of our best work!


Celebrate Album was published by Lifehouse at Lifehouse Conference 2016 also themed “Celebrate” which was held over 2 days in Roppongi, Tokyo. As an art director for Lifehouse at the time, I was in charge of art directing and designing the promotional materials and the merchandise including the album jacket.

My approach to recreating the theme, "we had to celebrate because there is nothing ordinary about our everyday moments" was to use inverted colours to visually show the different perspective we can choose to have on our walks of life.

With the energetic hand-drawn strokes of the word "celebrate", I wanted to keep high-energy and joyful passion by using hot pink and other vibrant colour.

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Client: Lifehouse
Photography: Lifehouse

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