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Kadlec Studio has worked with clients from all over the world on numerous projects. The projects vary from Logo, Brand Identity, Packaging, Illustration, etc. Here is the summary of our best work!

Wine Label

Luxemburgish Wine Label Design Competition was hosted by Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office in Tokyo and DeCima Japan K.K., as 2017 marks the 90th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Luxembourg and Japan. Inspired by a traditional Japanese pattern "Seigaiha"(青海波) which expresses the waves of the ocean by its fan-shaped geometric shapes.

It carries a meaning of everlasting peace for the future, just like the calm, continuous waves we see in the ocean. Learning about the beautiful meaning of this pattern, I wanted to create an original "Seigaiha" pattern that included elements from the Luxemburgish flag and Japanese flag to represent the long-lasting diplomatic relationship we have built and will carry on for the future.

I was honoured to receive the award of excellence, and the wine bottle is exhibited at a Luxemburg Cafe Project at Hama-House in Tokyo from November to December 2017.

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Client: Luxembourg Wine Label Design Competition

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